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The Tragic Thrills, despite the melancholy name, are a pop-rock band with a sunny, nearly effervescent atmosphere about them. The bright guitars, piano melodies, and lively vocals are enough to lift anyone’s spirits. Going on a sun-drenched camping adventure with your best friends helps capture the vibe of The Tragic Thrills’ “Everyday” perfectly – watch it below.
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by Ashley Aron

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
The Tragic Thrills consists of Zach Porter as lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Chris Morrison lead guitar, Cameron Quiseng playing bass, Ans Gibson on drums and Gabe Rudner with the keyboard.

What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
Zach and Cam are from San Diego, Gabe from Orange County, and Chris & Ans are Pennsylvania guys.

How did the band come together? How long has it been?
The band has had music out for about a year now, however this lineup of the band has been playing together for a fresh age of about four months.
 We met up through old bands and contacts and hit it off.

How have you grown since you started?
We are all lifelong musicians, so the band started growing as soon as we started discovering each other musically during the first couple practices. We know Zach likes to get so dynamic that it can be hard to hear his guitar at critical soft points, so we have to adjust and be on the same page. These are the discoveries you can only find from playing together.

What sets you apart from other bands?
The first thing that someone might find stands out are the lyrics of the songs. Zach is a great storyteller and a lot of these songs on the album are quite specific yet very relatable. As far as the live setting, we love to get extremely dynamic with the songs. We bring the levels way down when appropriate and then build it to a full sounding explosive sound for the dramatic parts of the songs.

What’s the best part about being in your band?
I think the best part of being in The Tragic Thrills is that we are all on the same page in life. We have all been in other bands and know the drill. We are ready to take this to the next level. And we all love touring and seeing the country, hopefully the rest of the world too. Actually scratch that, the best part is that we are in San Diego a lot, and the California burrito is insane there. 

More times than not, influences tend to bleed through. What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?
We try to be pretty cognizant of what we listen to because yes, no matter what, it bleeds through in some shape or form.  My grandpa left me an old songbook of old folk standards and spirituals and I’ve been making an effort to learn them all.

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so just zach is opening for all american rejects october 29th. thats gonna be an intimate and wonderful (ACOUSTIC) show (thats 21+) x tickets

so just zach is opening for all american rejects october 29th. thats gonna be an intimate and wonderful (ACOUSTIC) show (thats 21+) x tickets

hi guuuuuuys. both of us have been sick and gross these last few days hence no gifs or edits etc. but yeah if you wanna enter the review/screencap contest it ends friday so heres another reminder(: and theres several contests on the band’s page too.

once news happens we’ll be the first to let you know <3

Anonymous: Has anyone realized that Sydney pretty much deleted all her pictures with Cameron?

im not gonna comment but ill post it in case anyone wants to discuss


there’s a TON of news / updates today. here’s a small recap:

  1. the guys released a live video for “Creeps & Strangers”
  2. they put up some fun contests to help promote them.
  3. they put up more shirts (i believe these were up on their old merch site a while back but theyre baaaack) all for $20
  4. i mentioned this a day or two ago but their next show is october 29th opening for the freakin all american rejects

and thats whtat you missed on glee fuckyeahthetragicthrills

here&#8217;s a dancing cameron for your blog

here’s a dancing cameron for your blog

you can enter via facebook but they&#8217;d prefer twitter so get to reviewin! xx

you can enter via facebook but they’d prefer twitter so get to reviewin! xx

Get yourself some brand spankin new Tragic Thrills merch!


"Creeps & Strangers" (Live Video) - The Tragic Thrills

update to that ask because mobile won’t let me edit — honestly unsure if this record is rerecorded with the new guys. pretty sure its not, but don’t source me on that. but like I said, I think its the same record that came out last year with Michael and Brent on the record. as info (hopefully) comes out I’ll let all you cuties know.

humour-blr: hey so super quick question: is this re-release the old songs but re-recorded with the new guys? or what exactly does this re-release mean?

the rerelease is mainly because the guys signed to a new label. before they didn’t have much press and buzz about it, but since they’re with the new label now and just finished a coheadlining tour, there’s tons of new fans and fan sites and interviewers interested - hence a ton more promotion and spreading the word about the band (:

Track: Tears (Acoustic)
Artist: The Tragic Thrills
Album: Live From The Living Room

"Tears" Acoustic - The Tragic Thrills

—you can download here when you sign up for the mailing list

ITS RELEASE DAY!! (+more news)

well re-release day. so yayyy if you havent yet then definitely go out and buy it because the record is incredible. HAVE SOME LINKS.

physical copy (ps there’s a shirt & cd combo here)
google play (with a live version of Fever thats beautiful)


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